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Why Choose Us ?

At QDance, we are very passionate about dance. Our goal is to ensure that our dancers have fun while learning.

Standard Services

For children ages 3 and up we offer Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Tap, Pointe, Hip-Hop, Acro, and Broadway. For adults: Jazz, Funk, and Tap.  Private lessons available.

Competition Services

Dancers can audition for an Elite competition group, ages 7-18.

June dates to register for QDance classes:

June 14
June 21
June 28

Payment must accompany registration for a spot to be held.

July dates TBA

Junior Solos:
Peyton Kelly-Lyrical:  Double Platinum, 2nd Overall, Technical Excellence Award,
2 Scholarships to The Dance Intensive, Jr StageOne Star. 

Taylor Routh-Contemporary:   Double Platinum, 3rd Overall.

Shelby Rose:-Open:  Platinum, 14th Overall.

Sydnei Cookson-Jazz:  Platinum, 1st in Category.


Teen Solos:
Cameron Phipps-Contemporary:  Double Platinum, 1st in Category, 6th Overall. 

Megan Sohn-Platinum:  11th Overall. Jazz

Erica Alexander-Contemporary:  Platinum, 1st in Category, 12th Overall.  

Payden Frese-Lyrical:  Platinum, 13th Overall. 

Cristen Todd-Lyrical:   Platinum, 1st in Category.

Lexi Gerdes-Jazz Character :  Platinum.


Sr Solos:
Kiersten Wiseman-Jazz:  Double Platinum, 1st Overall, Diva Award.

Kaylee Dennis-Contemporary:  Double Platinum, 2nd Overall. 

Ashley Deeter- Open:  Double Platinum, 3rd  Overall. 

Savannah Perrine- Lyrical:  Platinum: 1st in Category, 5th Overall. 


Petite Duos, Trios:
Kearstyn Scott, Katie McCaughey, Ryleigh Nieders: Platinum, 3rd Overall


Junior Duos, Trios:
Peyton Kelly & Taylor Routh-Acrobatic Dance:   Double Platinum, 1st Overall.

Grace Stotts, Paige Lannerd & Caitlyn Todd-Open:   Double Platinum, 3rd Overall.

Ella Meyer, Kam & Karli Hagerbaumer-Jazz:  Platinum, 6th Overall. 

Olivia Wiegand & Alyssa Deeter-Lyrical:  Platinum.


Sr Trios: Contemporary
Bre Burghart, Gabby Amos, Kayla Vonderhaar: Platinum, 1st Overall.


Petite Large Group:
QPizza-Open:  Platinum, 1st Overall. 


Jr Small Group:
Streetlight- Lyrical:  Platinum, 7th Overall, Showmanship Award. 


Jr Large Group:
Bills-Jazz:  Platinum, 1st in Category


Teen & Sr Small Group:
Saturn- Lyrical:   Double Platinum, 2nd Overall. 

All I Do-Open:  Double Platinum, 4th Overall. 

Pure Imagination-Open:  Double Platinum, 6th Overall. 

Positoovity-Musical Theater:  Double Platinum, 7th Overall.

Found-Contemporary:   Double Platinum, 8th Overall.

Moon Shines Red-Contemporary:  Platinum, 1st Overall. 

Round Here-Contemporary:   Platinum


Teen & Sr Large Group:
Oceans Away-Lyrical:  Double Platinum, 6th Overall. 

Lean On Me-Open:  Platinum, 7th Overall, Intensity Award. 

Ghost Town-Double Platinum:  Open, 1st Overall, Highest scoring Teen Group. 


Teen Lines:
Temporary Home-Production:  Double Platinum, 1st in Category, 2nd Overall. 

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Studio Information:

640 South 5th Street
Quincy IL, 62301

phone: (217) 223-8277
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Styles and Classes

  • Acro
  • Ballet
  • Broadway
  • Hip-Hop
  • Jazz
  • Lyrical
  • Pointe
  • Tap